which lenses to start with?

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which lenses to start with?

I'm going to spend a considerable amount of time in asia and want to document this with photo's. Since i have no camera i need to build up my system from scratch.

I've grown up with my fathers fm2 in my hand and actually used this to finish a photography course. It's astonishing how good nikon made these camera's 30 years old and it still works as if it is new. So while i don't have a camera i am very much educated on how it works.

my first thought was to get a d200, because it would be solid, weatherproof and it could meter with manual focus lenses. However, i noticed i made a few critical mistakes. So i decided getting the lenses i want/need and choose a body that fits my budget/needs.

I don't want to be spending a smart fortune, but i don't want to get second rate lenses either.

So i'm looking for some of the gems that can be had for a relative low price. The 50mm 1.4 (or 1.8) is a great example of what i mean.

Now, due to compatibility i rather not want to buy dx or g type lenses. This is because i can switch easily to a fx dslr or a fm2.

However, i will make exceptions if the lense fits the collection and is a very very good deal (example 35mm 1.8 dx lense)

Now the only two lenses i can think of that fit my description (i can think of) is the 50mm 1.4 and in a lesser extent the 35mm 1.8 dx lense.

However, i will be missing both the tele and the wide angle with only these lenses. So my question is, what lenses would suit my needs.

yes i know these are quite irrealistic requirements but i do want to hear your opinions

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