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Re: Just because someone comments doesn't mean they are mad.

Richard wrote:

Or that they are a puppet. Your post is an attack. Yet his post is fact. Don't let haters get an anger response out of you that is exactly what they are looking for. Either respond with logic and reason which is not emotional. If you must be emotional, respond in love.


Let me help you understand who you are dealing with. Then perhaps you will understand why this guy follows me. The worst part, is I have reported this guy, AGAIN, and as of yet, they are not dealing with it. It is sometimes tough for the moderators to make final interpretations of facts when this guy keeps changing IP addresses, and using proxy servers to rejoin. The fact is though, that if you look at his BRIEF posting history here, he is clearly not a NEW member. This guy is good, but one thing always comes to the front eventually. His HATE for DPREVIEW. I am just the one who constantly finds him when he rejoins, and reports him. That is why he dislikes me so much. Anyway, that is the story and here is the link to help you understand his anger.

NOTE: We have now complain enough to BLOGSPOT.com about the content of his website that it is blocked for ADULT content, so if you decide to press the continue button, the language he uses is less than tasteful to say the least.


He is the Author of this blog, and he has MANY past banned logon names here.

P.S. He has always been highly knowledgeable with regards to photography and that is what usually leads him into arguments and confrontations. It is an never ending cycle with him.

Anyway, now you know. Thanks for the support though.

Carbonite Dreams wrote:
And yet, here you are replying like the puppet you are.

Conrad Birdie wrote:

As I have stated before. "The only person that can make you mad, is the one you allow too". When that happens, you have allowed that person to temporarily control you. WHY?

exit here wrote:

He decscribes himself as ...'a hater'


I reported it as an abuse yesterday but the pic remains ...
This one is bad ...but wait till you see the others.

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Conrad 'Bye Bye' Birdie
'Aspire to inspire before you expire'.

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