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Nice to have

If your card is getting full and you don't have a spare you could choose to convert some RAWs to mRAW or sRAW or to JPG to recover some space.

Other application: if the camera can accomodate two memory cards then you could develop RAWs from the main card, storing the the JPGs in the second card. So you could hand-over JPGs to someone else in the field while keeping your files.

Sure it does not cost much to deploy this feature. The camera is able to do such conversions in a fraction of a second. Doing a batch could take some time, but I would expect the same "frame rate" as when shooting in continuous drive mode. The bottleneck would be the read/write speed of the memory card.

Well, this is clearly a "nice-to-have" feature (low priority).

P.S.: It would be even better if you could dump or copy your files to an USB storage, straight from the camera. Today you need the very expensive wireless hand-grip for that.

Deorum wrote:

First of all, this has nothing to do with 60d, or 55d, or 50d2, or whatever. Honestly.

It is just a wish that nobody seems to mention.

I'd like see the option of "downscaling" your image in camera and then deciding whether you keep the original file or not.

For example shooting full RAW, but in the end of the day, making them jpegs, in camera, and deleting the raw.

A simpler and much easier alternative (not possible yet) would be simply shooting RAW+ M jpg (or L jpg, or whatever Jpg), and then when you delete a photo from the camera, having the option to delete either only the RAW and keep the jpg, or the opposite.

Isn't something very very simple to do? Especially my second proposal?

Cmon Canon!

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