Canon detects problem with 5DMK2 2.0.3 Update

Started Mar 18, 2010 | Discussions thread
Jari Karppanen Regular Member • Posts: 326
Thanks Canon, and please get 5D III done right ;-)

Rumor is that there's a hardware limitation preventing 60 fps, which may be at least partly true (anything above 30 fps would've been nice to have as an option).

But anyhow, I'm grateful that canon did release the firmware (I know they've never before given a bunch of new features for "old" camera models).

I hope they release a 5D Mark III model soon, with higher video resolution and/or faster frame rate (and they should use the full sensor output, i.e. downscale instead of discarding most of the data). More usable (faster) contrast-based AF would be nice to have, too (with articulating OLED screen). Hoping for EVF would be too much to soon, I guess.

If Canon had any vision, they'd implement a DisplayPort connection (instead of HDMI) that could send high resolution (4k+) raw video to a computer (this assuming that the camera's CPU is not powerful enough and memory cards are too slow and lack capacity).

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