Luminous Landscape: 645D 1st impression and interview

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Re: Video and 645D

Of course it does. Do we know how much binning happens and how much it effectively reduces noise in that application?

There is a lot of binning for sure.

How do you know?

If that is true, then it would make MF video less likely to be a dream, looking at the high-ISO noise of current MF sensors.

Current MF sensors are all CCD, video would require CMOS MF sensors. Remember?

Yes, we all know that CCD video is physically impossible...
Anyway, no idea what you intend with this. Let's read on.

Therefore it is possible that the noisy nature of current MF CCD sensors may be due to dated designs of their circuitry.

Sure. But the eventual CMOS sensors of MF cameras are not necessarily as advanced as their FF and APS-C counterparts, either.

Pentax claims that the sensor it uses is a new updated design with lower noise.

We'll see how that works out.

Therefore there is hope in the future both low noise high ISO medium format photography, and for prices to come down from the stratosphere because CMOS MF sensors are much, much cheaper to make than CCD.

Cheaper, yes - but by how much?

I'm sceptical about "much much" here, as you seem to have ideas of the manufacturing process that are not undisputed. (See reply to your post above, for example).

Also, AFAIK, CMOS is cheaper for large numbers - which would play against its advantage for MF use.

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