AVG Free + ZoneAlarm Free - conflict issue...

Started Mar 18, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Mark H
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AVG Free + ZoneAlarm Free - conflict issue...

For many many months now I've been living with troublesome Internet browsing problems but I've just been putting up with it.

For a long while my ISP was having capacity and other issues, so I just waited for them to sort things out - however, after my ISP claimed to have everything fixed I continued to have problems.

Problems were (with IE8 on XP) - pages not loading, or stopping part way through loading and then hanging indefinitely - refreshing a page (tab) would sometimes help, but often would not. Curiously, after a tab would get stuck loading, and no amount of 'refreshing' helped - I then discovered that 'Duplicate Tab' would very often get the page loaded, even though the stuck Tab remained stubbornly stuck.

The problem seemed to go away for a couple of weeks recently - but just a couple of days ago the problem was back with vengeance, this time interfering with email accessing (Windows Live Mail Client).

Experiments with stopping ZoneAlarm (free version) and/or AVG (free version) sometimes showed some improvement, but the problem really didn't go away - I even resorted to re-installing IE8 - problem still didn't go away.

To cut this long story short - I discovered just yesterday that there is actually a 'known issue' with the 'Link Scanner' feature of AVG version 9.x's conflicting with ZoneAlarm, which has probably been around for many months.

Supposedly, AVG's people (Grisoft) say that the ZoneAlarm people are working on an update to fix the problem., but this could be several weeks or more before it's done (if true).

Apparently the work-around solution is either to remove ZoneAlarm, or to remove the 'Link Scanner' component of AVG (or remove AVG entirely).

N.B. The 'Link Scanner' needs to completely 'uninstalled', by re-running the full installer and selecting 'change/modify' and 'advanced' options - just 'disabling' the Link Scanner is not enough.

I've chosen to remove the 'Link Scanner' and sure enough, no more hanging web pages/tabs - joy!

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