Sports Press Pass-Where to get one?

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Re: Sports Press Pass-Where to get one?

If the event is in a private location then the people running the event get to say who plays with cameras there (or not). There is no such thing as an official or "legal" press pass in any country I know of (there are things like a press pass scheme in London but that's just an old-boys agreement between the NUJ and the police for news reporting) and anyone offering to sell you something like this is a scammer. Making your own makes you look cheap.

That said, the question you need to ask from the viewpoint of the event organiser is "what's in it for us ?"

Having photographers at an event is only worth it if it brings some mutual benefit. Does it increase the coverage of the specific sport or league ? Does it bring in additional money through royalties etc. ? Having too many photographers - no matter how good intentioned or those who feel some entitlement to be there -can cause serious problem - interference with fee paying attendees, with players / participants, safety issues where a photographer may block an aisle or walkway etc.

So, what are you bringing to the party to make the event promoter want you there ?

Peter Galbavy

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