Don't Leave USB on HX5V

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Tom Hoots
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Re: Don't Leave USB on HX5V

Bob the Printer wrote:

The two connectors are not the same. The HX5v connector is somewhat bigger than the one on the WX1. Too bad they changed connectors like that.

Yes, now that I have my WX1 back, I've seen the difference.

On another note, have you noticed that the battery/card door on the HX5v isn't spring loaded like the one on the WX1 is, so that the door pops open on it's own as soon as you unlatch it??? Or maybe my HX5v is faulty??

No faulty HX5 there -- that's how mine is. No "spring loading" this time.

At any rate, the HX5v is a great little camera and much improved over the WX1.

Well, I sure preferred the WX1's smaller size and faster lens (at least at the wide end), but I definitely prefer the HX5's image quality!

Tom Hoots

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