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OP Lynn Roylance Senior Member • Posts: 1,301
Amy, Pete, Rami, Allyn Tony and Mike, thanks...

Amy, color, in my opinion generally works in landscapes or where colors are close in pallet. But for cities, street colors are all over and tend to confuse the eye. Colors are packed with emotional preferences. I generally try and find to find or see the essence or bones of what I am looking at. This usually does not happen when shooting due to the fleeting moment, but in the developing of the image which tips the scales to black and white.

Do, go through your Dad’s slides and scan away, perhaps paring with yours. Paring was my original intent in scanning this series and some may still make an appearance.

Pete, thanks for you comments, I was unaware of the Pentex group. I will take a look, thank you.

Rami, Allyn, thanks you.

Tony, thank you for looking and you suggestion, I will look again, as I know there are ones that are very contrasty and yet that speaks to the time as well.

Mike, thanks for your kind comments, I am going to approach a gallery and see.

Thank you all for your thoughtful suggestions and comments,


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