Some images to show Four Thirds DOF

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Re: I did not even think of it

Sergey_Green wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Of the images shown here, I have a question about the one with the children in blue coats.

DOF does not seem very shallow in that one, because it is several layers of people deep. However, the umbrellas that stand not very far in the background, are already totally blurred, as is the rest of the background. I don't see any nice transition from in-focus to OOF. In that image, the shallow DOF effect looks very much to me like it was created (or at least enhanced) in PP (layer, mask, whatever), than it was the effect of in-camera/lens features.

What am I seeing wrong here?

No, there was absolutely nothing done to this image, hardly even a contrast. I do not know what you see there, but it looks quite normal to me. For whatever reason I thought it was 85mm lens, but it is 70-200/2.8 at 78mm. The perspective is almost the same as 85 (stopped down to F/2.8).

I think the size of the umbrellas makes them look closer than they are (were), and so it misleads the viewer on DoF. It seems that way, but I did not even think of it.

OK - Totally Cool.
Thanks for responding.

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- sergey

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Roel Hendrickx

lots of images :

my E-3 user field report from Tunisian Sahara:

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