Processing 7D RAW Files

Started Feb 10, 2010 | Discussions thread
Julio Veteran Member • Posts: 4,886
The name is reversed

I see what you mean...but it's visible on the one you have labeled "No adjustments." It just looks like oversharpening to me... perhaps a combination of + detail and sharpening with a large radius. I find the LR sharpening with any radius setting above 1.0 to be problematic and the detail slider is there specifically for halo control...default or lower for it usually works best.

LR 2.6 is still not the best converter for 7D raws. It needs further tweaking. However, the problem is usually extra noise. I find 7D raws to be quite capable of handling large amounts of sharpening. For example, I routinely sharpened as much as 100/0.8 while leaving the detail slider at the default and using masking to block sharpening from flat areas (e.g. skies.) I get little to no halos when I do that.

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