Lens baffle equivalent of stopping down?

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Re: Lens baffle equivalent of stopping down?

Just tried Wolf's baffle recipe on a Hexanon AR 40 f/1.8 and it DOES work!

At f/1.8 without baffle, the image is soft, hazy, low contrast and has a slight glow.

At f/1.8 WITH baffle, the image is SHARP, has NO haze, NO glow and better contrast.

As discussed in this thread, the shutter speed was cut in half, indicating that it's the same as stopping down 1 stop.


I also took the same shot at f/2.8 (no baffle) and that image is identical to the f/1.8 WITH the baffle, but here's the subtle difference: the depth of field is softer and shallower... not as good as at f/1.8 (no baffle), but right in between the straight shots at f/1.8 and f/2.8.

So... the baffle seems to sharpen up and add contrast, while keeping MORE of the nice creamy bokeh. Also: the aperture blades are not visible since it's still wide open, so OOF circles stay perfectly ROUND! This is great!

I used the same formula as in Wolf's post.


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