Cheapo Ebay triggers and Batteries

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Re: Cheapo Ebay triggers and Batteries

It has been a recurring topic.

Fresh batteries OF THE REQUIRED RATINGs for the electronics are a good thing, and not a significant cost for the PT04's.

I (try to) always make sure the receivers are switched "OFF" when not in use.

I also try to keep the Xmtrs and Rcvrs in a hard case, along with spare batts in my bag.

Some triggers "test" buttons are easily accidently depressed, running down the battery when you aren't looking. A friend's AB triggers went flat in the bag, only to be discovered at the start of an event. The assistant ran to the closest store for replacement batts (and a spare set).

Also - if the PT04's operate in the 433MHz frequency range...this frequency is also used for many other consumer devices (garage door openers, older wireless phones, etc.). I found an antenna mod for the Xmtr better matched the antenna to the frequency, and solved the inconsistancy issues I had with Cactus V2s units.

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