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Re: I get up to 1/1600 sync speed on my D70

tyoung wrote:

Kelowna wrote:

When using radio triggers for my flashes from my D70, I can sync up to 1/1600.

That's even a greater advantage than my D200 at 1/400 a shadow is cast over 25% of the frame from the shutter curtain.

Exceeding recommended sync speeds with digital shutters is a relatively straight forward trick. It's also possible with mechanical shutters with most "longer duration" studio strobes by adjusting the timings with radio triggers, etc., but there are limitations, mainly due to flash duration times at various power levels and the "shape" of the flash burst across that duration which can cause they're own unexpected surprises.

Absolutely these are additional tricks that can be taken advantage of, but much can depend on the type and power settings of the strobes in use. It's important to do some testing, watch out for shot to shot inconsistencies, and to not expect the same linear variance in exposure values that can be expected when shooting within the cameras recommended maximum sync speed, especially when pushing the shutter speed too far.

Yes... but all knowledge is useful.... especially YOURS it would seeem, Mr. Young.
Thank you for your most 'enlightening' -(groan)- postings.

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