Canon 7D external audio input - my experience

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Re: Canon 7D external audio input - my experience

Right, this is the best method for this. Something that you can also do is get a clapper board and snap at the beginning of the shot, then you have visual reference and two sound pops one on the camera and one on the Zoom. This way you can align it up without external software.

Remember the camera is more like a movie camera than a home camcorder, so these are things that you need to work with. You also will get better quality audio doing it this way.

eisvogel wrote:

In the meantime, what works for me is somewhat complicated and requires additional software:

I record the movie as usual with the internal microphone of the 7D and at the same time I also record the audio separately into the H4n digital audio recorder. I then import the 1080p video into Vegas Pro 9 as well as the audio from the H4n. So on the timeline of Vegas Pro 9 I have 1 video and 1 audio track from the 1080p movie and there is a second audio track from the H4n. The next step is to synch the 2 audios with" PluralEyes" software which works very well. The last step is to mute or delete the 7D audio track and when I subsequently play back the timeline I get good quality audio in perfect synch with the video.

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