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I don't doubt it. Read the Photokina review with Canon. The Maeda muppet was just plain talking BS.

I assume here that you are referring to the comment that Canon had not received a significant number of complaints about the 5D AF (I believe the story went something like that).

It was even more funny!! Quote:

"Firstly the market's evaluation of the 5D's AF system has been very positive; there have been no complaints from users, with everyone saying it's very good*."

Yeah, everyone excited, my ass!

I agree with that guy. I don't remember a whole lot of bellyaching about the 5D for much of anything. That all seemed to start (for some strange reason ;-)) when the D700 showed up.

It didn't - I remember all the rumor mills and wishlists before D700 appeared - most of them expected/wished for an advanced AF system.

Amazingly, all of a sudden, the Canon 5D needed a "professional" AF system. Why? Not because teh 5D implementation was bad but because Nikon had suddenly put in a better one.

Well, I call that a bullseye hit by Nikon. Also Nikon never kept such a huge distance between pro AF systems and the rest of the pack. The D300-D700 manoeuver seemed to be even more logical - more power to the amateurs, ain't that great?

This is when the complaining started, not before.

My memory of the affairs is different.

I suspect that by the time they got wind of what Nikon was planning in the D700, it was too late for the 5DII as far as AF was concerned.

That's most probably - you're greedy, you pay in the end.

And... how exactly does the term "greedy" play into this? Are you saying that Canon is greedy because they slot particular levels of features with particular levels of products in the product line? Take a look around you Just about everything you buy is marketed that way, Cars, TV sets, Cell phones, you name it. It isn't greed it is marketing.

But there's never such an unbalanced system in the other products... If Dell went with the Canon AF marketing scheme, they would be putting Celeron processors in the whole line of computers apart from 2 highend models equipped by some badass quad-core. This isn't the case, is it?

And when Canon blew it with 1D3 AF, they had no 1D2 AF based "D700" escape route to offer to the disgruntled pros.

I am also guessing that Canon felt that the real compelling feature in the 5DII would be the HD video (not that too many of us care a whole lot about that, but it IS selling a lot of cameras). I personally suspect that we will see a 5D III eventually with a better AF.

Most probably, but only thanks to Nikon, not ye olde EOS-3.

For whatever reason, Canon never made the digital equivelent to the EOS-3. It appears that so far, they have left that to Nikon


My only hope is that it will work as well as the AF in the 5DII which DOES work well, it is robust, accurate and very reliable which are adjectives I don’t always see used in conjunction with some of Canon’s more recent AF offerings.

I dunno, I had 350D experience, I have 30D experience, I bought second hand 1D2N to have some real feeling of an upgrade in the AF realm.

I currently own the 50D and the 5DII. In the past I have owned 350D and 400D adn 20D. IMO the AF worked quite well in all of these (I really don't have any complaints about the 5D for how I use it.

I can agree on that - while I was shooting consumer zooms at about f/4-8, AF pretty much worked. But then the fast primes came in and the thin DOF. That was the killer.

What I was referring to is the raft of complaints about what has come lately in the 1D IV and 7D although I think a lot of this is cockpit eror. However, given the level of whining, it would appear that these new systems don't seem to be as user friendly as the old stuff.

I pretty much doubt it that 1D-experienced people make cockpit errors with 1D4.


I also don't need FPS. But I am very interested in having that highres picture very well focused.

the 5DII is about as hi-res as it gets right now in the Canon line and from my perosnal experience it works find. I'll be the first to admit that not all of my shots are keepers bot the rejects are almost never due to OOF. As I have said many times here, from my experience the 5DII AF is pretty darn good. I find it very accurate, very robust and repeatable.

Well, I stopped with sub-1D Canon AF at the 30D... Somehow I saw no reason to try 40D or newer, I also dropped the idea of buying 5D original... I didn't want to have the 30D AF dejavu. That 1D2 I bought is finally convincing. And I like the optional focus priority. In my case, it is on all the time.


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