Dear Panasonic engineers (firmware wishlist)

Started Mar 16, 2010 | Discussions thread
Jay Turberville Forum Pro • Posts: 12,917
Re: I'll add some

I would like the video to match or beat the video coming from the canon dslrs.
Clearly it can be done, but its being limited.

The GH1 has some pretty impressive video already .. but the low bitrate and the weird 60i wrapper is just garbage.

Well, I don't think Panasonic was positioning the GH1 for pro video. I agree that a higher bitrate would be really nice. And while a native 24p at 1080 would be nice, you can convert the 1080p GH1 files to that with a bit of $40 software.

I'm patient though so I shall wait for the GH2 or whatever to deliver!

I think that's the smart attitude. The GH1 is what it is. If they improve it, great. Just don't hold your breath.

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