A way to avoid jpg artifacts?

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Re: tif. Re: A way to avoid jpg artifacts?

Hi Miralee, opening and closing jpeg files for viewing or printing does not degrade the file.

If u open a jpeg file and do some editing on it in lets say PSe8 and then save the file then a degree of loss occurs, therfore u can open the file and even edit the file for printing if u wish but choose not to save changes in the closing dialog and keep the file intact. If however u wish to do a lot editing on the file for any reason and need to save them then perhaps its better to save the scanned file or a digital camera file in tiff format withouht compression. The file size however will be a lot larger in tiff form.

Another alternative is to save your scanned files as adobe DNG if this option is available in your scanning software, the format is lossless and compact and PSe8 can read it, there is also a DNG converter available from Adobe for download for free.

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