Best landscape lenses for the 7D

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Re: Disagree

I agree with ur comments, but as the title is 'the best lenses...' the 16-35mkii is 1 of the best wideangles in the canon lineup. Iv also dne comparisons of my own on a 50d with both 10-22 (which I owned) & 16-35, and the latter blows it away! Cropped sensors also have an advantage of utilising the 'sweet spot' of that lens too. I did also say both ur choices were good lenses 2 and the reason I gave about possibly going full frame in the future is because price will come down as the years go by. A full frame now is more afordable now than it was when it first saw the light.

In my comments I gave arguments in favour & against of all the possibilies and infact also recommended the 10-22 & 17-55 if budgets was an issue. If it isn't, the 16-35mkii wud b the wiser choice for many reasons. Intact, the 17-40 f4 is also a fine lens and overall a better value than any already mentioned.

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