Fixed the loose dial in the back of the S90

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Fixed the loose dial in the back of the S90

1- Remove the inner ring where the flash and macro symbols are. I wedged a thin piece of plastic (i cut off a small piece from a sudafed blister pack), between the 2 rings and it popped right out.

2- Cut out a small piece of paper, about 5mm by 3mm and insert between the moving ring and its retainer. See where the tweezers are pointed at.

3- Experiment with how much friction you like by varying the length/thickness of the paper inserted. You could insert paper all around and effectively locking the ring. 5mm of sticky pad paper provided just enough friction to allow the movement of the wheel without pressiong the buttons.

4- Pop the inner ring back in. It will snap right back with minimal pressure.

5- No longer have to worry about screwing up your settings with your clumsy thumb.

If you still prefer free and loose, just take the paper out. Completely reversable.


Experiment with different types of material to insert to get the right feel. I just used the sticky pad paper because it was right there.

BTW, This little camera ROCKS!

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