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Re: Trying again.... :-)

setite wrote:

Thanks for the post Tom. I was actually going through your posts to David Gore about using P mode. When you mentioned exposure bracketing, is that a feature that automatically takes pictures at the EV you set and two others?

Correct. It will take a picture at your chosen exposure compensation (if you have one set), then one brighter than that, and one darker than that. It'll actually take them in order from light to dark, as fast as it can, so it just takes the camera a split-second to get the three images. Here's how it works:

Go into P mode, and get into the menu. The fourth item down on the menu is Bracketing -- it'll either show as BRK OFF or whatever settings you set for it, such as plus or minus 0.3EV, 0.7EV, etc. I recommend just setting this to plus or minus 0.3EV -- that way, you'll get three shots slightly different from what it meters for each shot.

The other thing I'm mentioning is Exposure Compensation -- that's the item in the menu just below the Bracketing item. Go into that, and you can adjust the exposure the camera will use -- indeed, I have been talking about setting that at -0.3EV, so it'll take shots at a bit darker exposures than it normally would.

So, if you set that for -0.3EV, and then set Bracketing for plus or minus 0.3EV, you'll get one shot at -0.3EV, which is what you set, plus one shot at "zero" -- what the camera would normally set for an image -- plus one shot at -0.7EV, which would be darker than your -0.3EV image.

Then, you come home and see which of the three you like for any given image. For my shooting so far from the HX5, I've found shots at all three exposures that I have preferred over the others.

Bracketing goes so fast that it really doesn't slow you down much at all. In terms of battery life, it really doesn't hurt at all -- using bracketing, I've often come home with over 1,000 shots on a battery charge from a day's shooting, with other cameras that have batteries similar to the HX5's. And, of course, enormous-capacity SD cards are virtually dirt cheap.

So, I don't whine about camera exposures -- I dial in the exposure compensation I think I need, and then I use bracketing. "Works for me."

Finally, I have also spoken about using exposure compensation in HHT mode -- HHT will usually give you a darker exposure than any other mode set at "zero," or any mode that doesn't offer exposure compensation at all. So, it is often useful to bump up the exposure compensation in HHT mode to +0.3, +0.7, or even +1. Bottom line, give these a try, see how they work, and in time, you'll have a very good idea regarding what to use for any given situation you find yourself in.

Hope this helps -- good luck, and have fun!

Tom Hoots

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