Zeiss 21mm f2.8 User Poll: Color Cast?

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Re: Zeiss 21mm f2.8 User Poll: Color Cast?

I've just remembered that I got weird colours when I tried an old MF Nikon AIs 85 f2 on my 5D using a chipped adapter.

I used a tripod and compared the results against my EF 85 f1.8 - conditions were outside, sunny, with blue sky. Comparisons were at about 1/400s @ f5.6 and an ISO of 200.

The early shots were using AWB and the Nikkor appeared to have lost contrast, and the images of brickwork had quite low saturation - tending towards a greyish appearance. Changing the WB to "Daylight" and the differences between the Canon and the Nikkor were much reduced, and only a direct comparison showed any difference.

I did my very brief tests following some comments on the web that this particular Nikkor produced greyish colours. From the Bjørn Rørslett website
under Lenses:

"The replacement for the venerable f/1.8 lens was much smaller and very compact, but unfortunately the optical quality is nowhere in the league of its predecessor. In particular I found pictures taken with the 85/2 to be dull and life-less, and images took on a greyish cast as well. I'm aware of reports claiming this lens is an excellent perfomer and am at a loss to explain this discrepancy in opinions (I've tried several 85/2's and they all behaved in a similar manner".

My copy is fine using film.
Malcolm Stewart
Milton Keynes, UK

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