Minister to re-assure photographers

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Re: Is it really that bad in UK??

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If it does not happen very often then why did the minister think it was necessary to make the statement?

if it is in the news then it worth a politician commenting on. Sadly we've passed enormous power to the press, who are not voted for but can seriously impact election results.

Unfortunately the current Govt seems to be more interested on what the front pages have to say than the electorate, the Gurkha fiasco an example

If sheeple want to use the papers for their information that's fine, I'll try and get mine from source if that's possible with all the media dicking about the major parties play.

Out of interest, in which light are you refering to the Gurkhas?

the way Joanna Lumley basically on camera told a minister what to say, if it wasn't someone as high profile and getting as much press as Ms Lumley had i am sure the Gurkha's rights to settle in the UK would still be being fought to this day

as did HRH Sarah Ferguson

for those interested nice piece about the Gurkha's here

and the facebook page for support ! group.php?v=wall&gid=43940128069

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