Canon EOS 5D Mark II firmware improves video

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Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark II firmware improves video

JulesJ wrote:

Actually I'm coming around to your arguments now, maybe it is a good camera/video. You all seem to like it. But for me I'm much happier with the purity of the D700 and little pocket video camera as a separate item.

Well, the Leica M9 is always there if it's purity you're after... perhaps not suitable for your work for other reasons, but it serves as an illustrative example. I'd argue that skipping mainstream features in the name of purity doesn't really lead to cheaper devices, since models with less mass appeal will generally end up being more niche and thus expensive (I appreciate that Leicas aren't only expensive for that reason). Autofocus clearly 'adds to the cost' of a camera; extra components, the logic that drives it and the research that went into developing it... but nonetheless you're hard pressed to find a camera without it these days.

Personally, given the choice, I'd probably rather go for a camera without AF than without video. Come to think of it, I suppose phase-detect AF does actually physically reduce the amount of light directed to the viewfinder... unlike video which besides complicating the UI with yet more functions to navigate doesn't really bring any particular compromises AFAICT.

You managed to buy a new videoless DSLR before video became unavoidable in its ubiquity. Well done you, now you won't be tempted to shoot any video with it. Perhaps there are other, less tangible, benefits as well.

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