5 Lenses you couldent live without

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Re: 5 Lenses you couldent live without

OK, how about this, where price is taken into effect:

wide-zoom: Sigma 10-20. (There are similar alternatives)

normal-zoom: really hard to say, with tradeoffs between budget and capabilities,
between 18-55vr and 24-70. How about the Nikon 18-105vr though.

long-zoom: 70-300vr Nikon - I'm pretty sure on this one. A really good lens, and the price is definitely right.

That leaves two more lenses. I'm thinking you choose from portrait, macro and specialty.

(Nikon) primes I like: 10.5 fisheye (Loads of fun, but pricey for you), 35F2 (jack-of-all trades, nice length), 35F1.8 (no experience with it, but price is right), 85F1.8 (good price, good focal length, fast), and 105vr macro.

If you were able to get the 105vr, I think it covers both portrait and macro at the same time, though you need the room to use it for portraits.

If you want a dedicated macro lens, and you don't want to go real cheap (reversing ring on an old manual focus 50mm), then there are many selections in the 55-105 range. You don't need autofocus in the slightest for true macro work, though you need the right type of support. Let's say you got an old 55 manual focus macro. Now you'd need to get a portrait lens, like the 85f1.8.

I'd stay away from the 50F1.8 though. It's biggest advantage is the price - $125 or so brand new, but it's an awful awkward focal length on DX. (35 is much better).

Let's say you picked up a 55 micro and an 85F1.8. Those, coupled with the zooms, would all fit in a reasonably small waist pack, and would cover a long focal length, and give capabilities for all sorts of shots.

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