CF card for 5D Mark II

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Re: CF card for 5D Mark II

And in case of 5D2, 7D and 1D4 this means UDMA-6 60 or 90 MB/s (600x) cards. Old cards like Sandisk Extreme II, III, IV and Ducati (or whatever) are a waste of money for these advanced cameras, due to those cards' low performance, if you like to shoot continuous drive RAW.

For video, anything you can buy will be fast enough.

gdanmitchell wrote:

Look up the specs in your manual, and then buy a generic, inexpensive card that meets (but doesn't exceed) the standards from a reliable vendor.

There is no advantage in terms of camera performance in getting a card that exceeds the camera specs - it won't make the camera any faster. There is no advantage in paying a lot more money for "name brand" cards. CF cards are essentially commodity items these days.

The only possible advantage of a faster card is quite trivial. With the right reader, you might find that your image download to the computer from the card a little faster.


figuratives_peech wrote:

I'm looking for a 16GB CF card for 5D Mark II Does this camera like UDMA 90MB/s (600x) CF cards?


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