Prague - What lense would you bring?

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Re: Prague - What lense would you bring?

Prague is easily the most photogenic city I've been to. You should have a great time. By way of recommendation, drink a Budvar and eat a boar steak at U Medvídků near Old Town.

On to the important stuff. Looking back, most of my shots were in the 12-18mm range. The long sight lines and backdrops are really interesting in such a photogenic place. It is nice to have a little more reach when you're just walking the streets though, but I was almost always shooting near 18mm when I had the kit lens on. I walked around with my Tamron 12-24, my 18-105 kit, stuck the 50/1.4 in there just for good measure, and I didn't need anything else.

The trams around the city are particularly interesting and colorful at night. Definitely bring a lightweight tripod if possible. Some of the best shots I got were of the old city at night, but there was a fair amount of walking involved.

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