Aperture vs Silkypix - G1 - quick review

Started Mar 12, 2010 | Discussions thread
Rob Zwissler Regular Member • Posts: 447
Re: Aperture vs Silkypix - G1 - quick review

I haven't tried Silkypix, I'm using Aperture 3 with my GF1, I'm very happy with it... I'm a RAW newbie, before this combo I was using JPEG + iPhoto for the most part... I really like the file management and organizational structure of projects/albums that Aperture 3 offers, it's very intuitive and powerful and I don't find it lacking at all. I've had some stability issues, I'm hopeful that Apple will resolve those with a few more updates, looking at the Apple forums it seems that they are well aware of them. The RAW and general editing tools are great, in the past I had to bring up Photoshop fairly often with iPhoto, I don't think I've brought it up once out of Aperture yet, but that probably largely speaks to my needs/sophistication as anything... the more I use Aperture though, the more I like it!


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