Aperture vs Silkypix - G1 - quick review

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Aperture vs Silkypix - G1 - quick review

Long post - apologies in advance if you take time to read ...

I've been looking to slim my photo software down to just one application. I would like to get really proficient with one program rather than vaguely competent in several Before buying Aperture I had 4 RAW editors to use with both 4/3s and m4/3s cameras - Oly Studio, Silkypix, Lightzone and ACR with PS Elements 7. I have been using my own file structures, but increasingly I'm finding it hard to find old photos so I wanted some form of DAM. I thought I'd give Aperture a go as I'd heard good things about it and I'm not a fan of Adobe - although their products are first rate.

I got the CD a couple of days ago but work etc. haz made it difficult to get much of a chance to play. Today I've had some time to start getting to grips with what is really quite different from other software I've used. These are just some early thoughts as a couple of people expressed some interest in an older thread I started.

I was always happy with the renderings of RAWS from both Studio and Silkypix for my Oly cameras and G1 respectively. Not very happy with Lightzone which gave me some odd colours which I never seemed able to correct. ACR seemed to give me files that were a bit flat, and always needed a tweak to get them to where I wanted them. I've tried presets but never got any consistent results with them.

Before any fans of any of these packages start baying for my blood, I'll be the first to admit that I never took the time to really get to grips with Lightzone or PS. I'd rather do lots of other things than spend time getting software to do what I think it should do without any help from me.

So far I've been pleased with what I'm getting from Aperture. I haven't started seriously importing old photos yet so I'm not sure how I'll get on with the DAM aspects, this is just looking at Aperture as a RAW converter and editor.

The files look much as I would hope with no input from me. Colour, contrast, saturation etc. all look very nice to my eyes. Any adjustments I might want to tweak are easy to apply and on my MBP are virtually lag free. Silkypix seems quite a bit slower on the same shots.

Making use of a few brushes can slow things down but it has been acceptable to me and I know it would be just as slow with anything else. I've only played with some of the adjustments but again I've been happy with the results.

I've only shot some quick snaps at ISO 100 so I'm not sure how well Aperture will deal with noise.

Here are a couple of quick snaps with the G1 and a Contax 50mm f1.4. One is an obligatory cat photo (actually I've not seen one for a couple of days so this is overdue) and the other is a very quick B&W conversion.

Wide open at f1.4. Odd CAs all over the place and the DOF is so thin that one eye is in focus and the other isn't.

This one was at f2.0. Quick conversion to B&W just to see how easy it was to alter hues, tones contrast etc. Very easy even for me

Both of these can be found full size in my gallery if you want to download or pixie peep.

If you've got this far well done, and if you've got any questions I'll try and answer them, but please note that I've not had much chance to learn the software so you might be better in the MAC forum for any technical questions,


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