Gf1 viewfinder, anyone have one??

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Re: Diane

Diane B wrote:

Just a guess from what I read, but many feel that Panny went with the smaller finder believing that most would use it as alternative, not main viewer--using the LCD instead. I don't know how much the EVF for the EPL-1 is--and many don't like the large size (relative to the GF1's EVF) for the EP2.

This is a really contentious issue---one can point to posts here and on other forums that really like the EVF on the GF1 and feel it adds considerably to its usage. Others hate it. I"m in the 'don't love but like okay, use it all the time' camp LOL.

If you have been using the EVF on the G1/GH1, then don't compare directly (unless you WANT to choose between the 2 cameras for a one and only m4/3rds), but for those that use this as their 'small' cam, alternative (say IR) body, second body--or the one they grab for casual shooting--then the EVF is just fine IMO. Even for those that use it as their one and only m4/3rds--say Jim Radcliffe's use of it. Check out his opinion So--its really personal IMO. I like my GF1 and I like my EVF and its a necessity for me. For others--not so much--or its a case of costing too much in their opinion. For them--probably the EP2 would be a better choice IF the camera in general suits them. I could go either way for the small cam, but its a heck of a lot nicer to switch between the G1 and GF1 for me and the GF1 suits me better for my shooting than the Oly version at this point. Next generation--who knows??.

Diane B
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Diane, good review this one , from a person who makes sense

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