HXV5 Arrived, First Impressions

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Re: HXV5 Arrived, First Impressions

Martin42 wrote:

I think one thing the "IQ is everything" people overlook is that they're looking at shots straight out of the camera. This is a necessary step to avoid post-processing bias, but it's not the final answer by any means. Many in-camera processors over-sharpen their images to improve the straight-out-of-the camera photo. This is a good thing if you never post-process, but it's a bad thing if you do.

Sharpening is a destructive process. All the photoshop guides I've ever seen recommend doing it last -- after you've corrected contrast, color balance, brightness, levels, curves, etc. The fact that the HX5V images are a little soft right of the camera is a good thing since it means there's less information loss. Of course there's a lot of signal processing going on to produce useful images from such a tiny sensor, but why compound the problem by over-sharpening the final result?

First, I want to be clear that I'm not criticizing you for choosing the HX5V. In fact, the reason why I'm reading many of these threads (despite already owning an S90) is to figure out if the HX5V would be a good gift for my Dad, or even a good complement to my S90.

I think it's unquestionably the most versatile hybrid device out there and the features it packs given its size are truly impressive.

That said, I do think you should be realistic about the trade offs. The loss of detail in shots from the HX5V and TZ7 (in comparison with good, compact, CCD based cameras) is not simply a difference in sharpening. I've tried to recover the lost detail by sharpening sample images from the imaging resource and the detail simply isn't there.

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