Advice on ND Grad Filters

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Re: Advice on ND Grad Filters

Thanks for your replies.

I did actually buy these items on ebay, (looked legit) could this sort of item be not an original item?

Everything looks fine with them as far as i can tell, they were the exact pouch and packaging, and i would have thought a hard item to copy
I could even tell using live view to focus that it didnt look right.
Ill redo my tests and post some images.

I did notice, though when you put one in front of your eye, there is a slight what looked like shift in what you see.. whether this is the degradatiojn i am seeing in the images or just that something is between the eye and subject, that will inevitably give some loss.

I take it there is now front and back of the filter? light path just straight through?
Ill try some more and let you know how i get on
Thanks guys

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