A little negativity about the 645

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Re: Yup

KSV wrote:

Truly last attempt and I am out of this thread

Great. You can read this reply before getting out, since a 645D is clearly not for you.

wy2lam wrote:

It is dependent on sensor technologies, the electronics, the microlenses, to make best use of the edges of pixels.

Bloody Hell! Those technologies can be applied to bigger pixels with greater effects! How difficult to grasp this simple idea?

This idea is not simple. To create your bigger pixels, you'll need different electronics. The "same" technologies may not be as trivially applicable.

And, to take your idea to the extreme, you can have a 36x24mm sensor with 36x24=864 high quality pixels. I'll keep my crappy 24 million pixels and we'll see who has better IQ. How difficult is it to grasp this simple idea that it's a continuum, and for a 33x44mm sensor, the best compromise just doesn't seem to be 12MP??

Now we get to the point. You print exclusively on A3 - doesn't mean a typical 645D shooter will. You seem to believe that since you don't need more than 12MP, no one else should.

There is no cheap enough printer exists that prints bigger then A3+. Yes, there are such application that required bigger prints, but they well beyond 99.5% of shooters. YMMV

You fail to understand that the 645D is not a 99.5% shooters' camera - it's a $10K camera. I can imagine people who use $10K+ bodies will have no problem accessing more expensive printers.

Maybe a 40MP camera is not for you , but there are plenty of people who will find the additional resolution useful in their photography. I hope this concept is not too difficult for you to understand.

Indeed. But how difficult for you to understand that there is no camera for me in K-mount right now and it does not appears to emerge in next decade.

Oh. Sorry then. If there's no camera for you in K-mount, stick to a D700, because it seems to match your needs perfectly. It again simply proves that the 645D is not for you - but it doesn't preclude the possibility that there are people who need its 40MP .

See above. Your photographic skills are so great that anyone who "needs" more pixels than you do must be due to megapixelomania.

See above. Except few special rare application indeed it due to terminal stage of megapixelomania. YMMV of course.

Reality: things you and I don't or can't do are not necessarily special or rare. Your argument is still a typical "I don't need it, why should anyone" variety.

I am out of this thread.

Me too. I'll let others who read it be the judges.

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