Would Adobe Premiere open HD video files from 5D2?

Started Mar 9, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Premiere Elements & Sony Vegas

I have both Adobe Premiere Elements AND Sony Vegas Platinum 9.

My PC is Asus p6t mobo, intel i7 920, 12gb ram, win7 64bit, 120gb SSD (OS & programs), 2x 1tb Samsung spinpoints in a mirrored raid array fitted in a NAS box (data). Graphics card is old nvideo 6600gt (graphics cards are not so important for video editing). So relatively powerful PC, with maybe exception of graphics card.

I can load native 5dmk2 footage into either Premiere or Vegas (I don't think I have QT loaded as win7 natively supports) & can drag footage onto the timeline.

Vegas appears better at playback & dragging the play bar along the timeline - its smoother (though not perfect) & is just about okay to use for smallish projects.

Premiere does not play back so smoothly as Vegas & dragging the time line play bar along timeline is more juddery than in Vegas - BUT it is Premiere Elements 1.0.

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