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Well I got to hold my E-30 briefly last night. Liked the size much better than the E-3, the only exception was the shutter button which falls naturally under my index finger on the E-3 whereas on the E-30 I need to curl my finger in a bit. No biggie though.

Size wise, the E-30 just seemed to be more along the lines of what I expect while the E-3 just feels big to me, it feels great, just a little big for my hands.

As I mentioned in another post, my E-30 was an Olympus factory refurb from Cameta and it was displaying some error codes, I sent it back this morning - Cameta was great, no questions asked, I will certainly buy from them again. I've ordered a brand new one from Amazon. For me, the extra $85 is worth the piece of mind for something that I plan to use heavily over the next 2-3 years.

At this point I am trying to decide which camera to keep in addition to my E-30 - the E-1, E-510 or the E-3.

  • E-30 + E-3, seems like more high-end gear than I need - although it would be sweet to have both and I could get an HLD-4 to use on either.

  • E-30 + E-1, for me the E-1 really only adds weather sealing which is not something that I really need and gives up a lot at the same time. The E-1, been there, done that, I get it, but it just gets older every day.

  • E-30 + E-510, this is where I am leaning right now. The 510 is small enough that I can put it in my smallest case and not really notice that I have it. For what I'd get for the body on eBay it really doesn't make sense to sell it.

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