Nikon answer to T2i

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14mp won't cut it...

Not that I need more resolution but I feel at this point in the game Nikon has to go big. Canon has set the standard at 18mp so I think Nikon needs to match this to be competitive. Of course when they do it will have better noise performance and class leading DR. Couple that with Nikon's CLS, D200 AF and best in business metering and you have yourself a killer body.

I personally am very excited for the D90 replacement. I believe it is due soon and you know it's going to be very very good.

ATTN Nikon: Please include an external stereo mic jack!

2005magnum wrote:

sony a550 uses their 14.2 meg chip. You know that Nikon would do a better job of processing. Raise the resolution to 14.2 and give us the best jpegs available. Decrease the compression of jpeg and bring in a superfine setting

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