Gf1 viewfinder, anyone have one??

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Re: Gf1 viewfinder, anyone have one??

jfsouto wrote:

I have one and use it extensively. I should say that what you have probably read in other places is true: it is not very good. In addition to the low resolution (about half of that of the LCD), what I resent the most is the low level of magnification. It is like looking at a very long tunnel. Manual focus (which is what I use it the most for) is possible, but do not expect to be able to focus precisely under all circumstances, specially at night, when you may need to resort to the highest level of magnification to see the fine detail. The VF-2 from Olympus is far superior to this is nearly all aspects, except for one: I find that in low light the GF1 EVF gives a less grainy picture than the VF-2...but of course, that may be my personal perception.

The bottom line is that the GF1 viewfinder is useful but not great. In retrospect, I would still buy it again (particularly because it allows me to stabilize the camera better), but try not to pay too much for it....

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Very interesting comments. Most surprised to hear that in poor light conditions the GF1 EVF may actually be better than VF2 because less grainy? Interesting while many complaining of resolution of GF1 EVF, it appears to be the same resolution as the screen on the EPs ie CGA which Oly claims to be very good? My understanding is both Oly for their LCD and Pany for their EVF claim lower battery drain.

From the specifications it would seem a given that the GF1 finder is best primarily for framing not manual focus since the GF1 AF capabilities with its lenses are so good so maybe a factor if you are using legacy lenses.

Looks like Pany in their G10 cheaper version have also gone to 202,000 dot resolution EVF but the magnification has been raised from 0.5X to 1X so much more like the larger EVFs found in only a few superzooms, probably a reasonable compromise to reduce cost but in the GF1's case was to reduce size to fit form factor. For those wanting the EVF Pany should provide option to get in kit form like EP2 for say $100 more would make sense but then they want to give you an incentive to get the G2 I guess.

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