7D or 1D Mrk III for a second Body (owners opinions)

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Re: 7D or 1D Mrk III for a second Body (owners opinions)

Wasn't high ISO performance one of the selling points of the 7D?

I've tried my friend's 7D and it surprises me you're not happy at 800 ISO. I only saw issues over 3200 ISO.

Is it really fair to compare the 7D to a 1DMKIII anyway - I know new/used prices are almost equal for the two of them now (new = three times the price) but the MKIII is fully pro specced.


Scales USA wrote:

I sold my 1D MK II and bought a 7D. It was a good camera, and it was nice that I could share batteries with my 5D MK II, but I found I just always reached for the 5D. I sent it back while I could, and eventually found a nice used 1D MK III for about the same price.

For the same basic price, a nice used 1D MK III seems to me to be a better deal. I now have a unused 3rd battery for my 5D II, and bought a new spare for the MK III, but thats ok, its worth it to have the MK III. My 7D had too much noise at ISO 800, similar to the MK III at 3200.


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