HXV5 Arrived, First Impressions

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HXV5 Arrived, First Impressions

My Sony HX5V Arrived today from Sony Style. Just had 15mins to play around w/ the camera before the battery died.

Overall Build Quality is pretty good, only disappointing bit is the kind of cheap feeling plastic selector dial, and the back panel to the right of the LCD is plastic as well.

Fit and Finish seem good as expected, and the ergonomics with the small thumb indent near the top left is functional and feels pretty good one handed. The look of the Samsung and its button layout was one reason I decided to try out the Sony.

Menu's pretty easy to navigate, with all the necessary functions etc. This is my first small pocket camera, G-series Canon's being the smallest up til now, so I have no true experience with other models to compare it too. On thing I wish they had put ISO or something more useful as left click on the lower selector rather than face detection.

The LCD screen is lacking a bit, compared to my G11 screen the image looked more blown out and outdoors it was impossible to see without turning on the high brightness setting through the DISP button (up click on lower selector). Here the Samsung's higher res. AMOLED will probably shine.

The camera AF lock to shutter release if quite fast, even indoors it generally outperformed the G11. I have yet to try the 10fps burst, or face detection, to see how it performs with motion or kiddos.

Tried Sweep panorama and it worked pretty slick, though quite overexposed, the battery then died so I didn't have a chance to play around with it further, but the stitching was clean. A cool feature for a camera of this IQ and size, especially for quick shots etc. where PP is not really worth it. I'll stick to Autopano for my other cameras.

Some odd bits considering the pre-release info was lacking:

-comes with a small HDMI (fullsize) port adapter that plugs into the a proprietary docking port on the bottom

-It will output up to 1080i through the HDMI adapter.

-I successfully shot Full HD (1920x1080p) video with a Sandisk EIII SDHC card (Class 6), so it looks like the manual is wrong about needing Memory Stick Pro-HG. Which if required would have been a deal breaker for me, hell I can't even figure out Sony naming system.

-Manual Mode allows independent Aperture and Shutter adjustment, therefore allowing over/under setting combinations. The battery died before I could see if you can force lock the exposure therefore creating Av/Tv modes by adjusting either aperture or shutter only.

-Movie Adjust Mode on the dial allows you a few options like level of IS, 1440 or 1980 width, and a few others I can't remember right now. This is achieved by clicking the menu button while in MAM, however does not allow adjustment during recording.

-You can press the movie button while in program and easy photo mode and it will start recording, though I am unsure if it uses the current photo image settings, or some simplified presets. Cool feature if you want to take a short vid, and pop back to photos without having to turn the dial to movie mode and back.

Anyhow if anyone has a specific question or wants a shot of something let me know and I will try and help you out. Here are a couple quick PS crop comparison shots between the HX5V and G11. I only had a few minutes before the batt died after playing around with video functions, so these are just Large Jpegs in Program mode, AWB, Eval metering, 100/125 ISO.

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