Why do I hear that virtually no "pro" uses a mid range zoom?

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Re: Why do I hear that virtually no "pro" uses a mid range zoom?

You may have heard that pro's will often try to achieve a distinctive look, especially in travel photography of frequently photographed subjects and places, and use either an ultra wide or ultra long lens as a starting point toward getting a different perspective. Many starting wedding photographers shoot with focal lengths that are much too long for the situation, partly out of inexperience and partly for want of a ultra wide and ultra expensive zoom lens.

Many of the shots I take at a wedding are in the 24-35mm range and not "normal" zoom settings which would be 45mm to 70mm. In this sense I am using a wide angle end of the zoom or even going to a 14-24mm zoom.

The reverse is true for wildlife where the novice will do a head shot and over-zoom while the pro will showing more of the area or habitat around the animal.

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