Keeping K10D, need all purpose zoom suggestion for 2 trips

Started Mar 4, 2010 | Discussions thread
Marc Sabatella Veteran Member • Posts: 6,679
Re: Keeping K10D, need all purpose zoom suggestion for 2 trips

Pieter Missiaen wrote:

Regardless of all the negative comments it gets on this forum, my prefered zoom is the DA*16-50/2.8... I like the weathersealed and reassuringly solid build quality and the better low light capabilities than the kit lenses or any superzoom. It would be nice to have a slightly longer tele-end, but I wouldn't want to trade in even 1mm at the wide end for 20mm at the tele end. I guess I quite like wide angle, but that's just my own preference. Marc apparently prefers the 28-75/2.8, and many others like the 17-70/4.

Actually, to be clear: I don't prefer any of these. I have little interest in carrying around one one large zoom on my camera when I could have one small prime on the camera, and a handful of other small primes in a bag. Or, maybe the kit lens (18-55) for outdoor use plus the DA40 in my pocket for indoor use. But if someone were to force me to go with a single zoom only, the 28-75 would be a strong contender, primarily because I could envision using this to some extent in my concert photography as well as for travel. If that weren't a concern, I'd probably go with a 16-50 (or the cheaper Tamron equivalent), as I do agree the wide end would be more generally useful.

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