Reichmann: D3x 6-7 stops DR; Hassey H3D50 12-13 stops DR

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Response is rather negative

His definition of dynamic range:

"The standard definition of dynamic range in the industry has always been how many F stops above and below middle gray can be recorded while delivering full texture and detail.

This isn't that straightforward a measurement to make though. At both the the low and high end it is open to subjective interpretation. That's why I, and most observers like to express DR as a range, such as 6–7 stops, rather than as an absolute number."

First para suggesting delivery of full texture and full detail across the dynamic range means dynamic range is no more than 3 stops, and even that is lose. "Full" here should be substituted with "acceptable".

Second paragraph effectively means he suggests purely subjective measure.

13, and even 12 stops are simply not technically possible because of flare.

For normal use D3X copes with 9 stops very well.

If Michael wants to state numbers he should have made spot measurements in the scene and present the relevant capture in raw together with a photo of resolution target. Normally you know that the shot of the scene is OK for this purpose if an immediately following shot of resolution target confirms expected resolution.

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