Speedlight Studio Soft Boxes ?

Started Mar 10, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Jim Engel Forum Member • Posts: 66
Speedlight Studio Soft Boxes ?

I have a couple of Canon speedlights, umbrellas and a
big foil reflector, & fabric to set up a background on
my garage door.

Over all results are pretty good, & I have been thinking
about trying a soft box.

When I look around on the internet, soft boxes intended
for a portable flash seem to be relatively small.

And the problem might be the control flashes. Everything
works fine with the umbrellas, because I can point the
secondary flashes at the main control flash.

But I am concerned that a flash behind an umbrella is
simply not going to work reliably, if at all.

My question is am I on the right track here, do I want
to try and use some sort of soft box ?

Or is the next step a "real" studio lighting set up with
flash units intended for this function, and of course
probably the radio control.

This would be a relatively big dollar step up of course.

What do you think, is the use of a soft box just pushing
the portable flash based lighting set up too far ?

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