anyone sell 135L for the new 100L IS macro??

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Re: anyone sell 135L for the new 100L IS macro??

billppw350z wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

The comparison simply demonstrates that when the subject framing and f-stop are the same, a longer lens will always produce more blur - a point that you made yourself in your first post in fact. This is independent of which specific lenses are used.

The relevance to the OP is obviously that the 100L is not only one stop slower, it is also shorter.

Pictures comparing the bokeh of the 180L, 100 (non-L), and 60mm macro at f16: Irrelevant.

Pictures comparing the bokeh of the 100L and 135L at f2.8/f2: Relevant.

Repeating yourself is not the same as reading, understanding and responding. I've explained the reason why the illustration is useful, but if it's too big a leap of comprehension for you then I'm happy to leave it at that.

Posting a picture taken with the 100 (non-IS) and representing it as a picture taken with the 100L to show how poor its bokeh is: Oops!

I am quite sure that was just a typo by canonpro, but in any case the amount of blur (as opposed to bokeh) is the same for any 100/2.8, and that is what the three photographs illustrate. Canonpro was wrong to call it bokeh, but the point made by the original article was correct.

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