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Re: Roger ... packing it in

Tan68 wrote:

philzucker wrote:

... Well, as soon as I find a way to squeeze myself inside a locker I'll deliver on this!

this might help ?

farther down the page is a diagram and some guy named Luke manages to make it in.

LOL! Unbelievable ... Thanks for digging this up! But you still have to squeeze the camera in with you!

my first thought about the picture was individualism. i figured it was all abut the purple lock and expected the others to be not colored. seeing there were other colored locks in use, i figured it was about them locking up secrets. then i branched off into either hiding them in public or false sense of security. or even just being part of a large group. anonymous.

Most fascinating, those associations of yours - a lot are possible with this pic, I agree ...

Thanks for looking!

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