Lazy dog this afternoon-F30

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Re: Wow JB! What a beautiful Bulldog....


Now that is a face I could fall in love with. All those wrinkles....:)

Oh yes it took about 10 seconds for him to become part of the family. Your dachshunds remind me of my chilhood and one in particular Madge. Dachshunds are very loyal and she was no exception what a great dog ...

My wife just looked at your pics. of Cozmo & said: "Dan you really should get me a Bulldog you know."
She's wanted an English Bulldog for a looong time.

They are great dogs ... but... they are prone to physical problems. Cozmo has hip issues. You really need to expect that a bulldog is going to require lots of additional care (get insurance)

p.s. Thanks for looking & I'd be flattered for you to shoot Cozmo from this angle. You just have to post it for me to enjoy.

Thanks I will .... I like the nose shot too but I will never get that DOF on his flat face!! LOL

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