A Nikon user's thoughts...

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A Nikon user's thoughts...

OK don't shoot me guys and I know this is a Canon forum but lets consider the implications of Pentax and their new camera. I have been shooting on Nikon's D3X since launch and like Canon's equivalent this 645D has serious considerations for us full frame landscape photographers.

Like a lot of you guys out there shooting at base ISO, tripod, mirror lock-up and cable release we are looking for BIG huge landscape compositions. OK the 645 may not be 16bit image processing but it does have a lot going for it for some of us to sell our gear and make the investment.

1) Price

At it's anticipated launch of under $10K it isn't a huge payout for a what we've already been doing.

2) Resolution

Even if Canon launches their 1Ds Mark 4 at 30+ mega pixels the constraints on existing 35mm glass is getting close to their max.

3) 14 bit

Some of the images i've been getting out of the D3X have been incredible for 35mm format

I know that there is a lot of variables to consider on top of these three points. We know from the past that Pentax have always made good glass. I decided to post this to Canon shooters rather than the Nikon Forum as I firmly believe that it has more impact to Canon's top of the line camera than Nikon simply due to Canon haven't yet launched or even announced their Top Dog while the D3X has been selling over 16 months.

One thing that has interested me in Pentax's announcement is that their new range of lenses I think has been stated that it covers FULL 645 frame making their lenses capable of being used on future full frame 645D cameras easily achieving 60mp+

Yours Sincerely

Gareth Hacon

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