Help me choose a 13" printer!

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Help me choose a 13" printer!

I need a new printer. My printer for the past four years was the HP b9180. I had my issues with it, but I learned its good and bad points and it created great prints. This week it died from dead paper sensor syndrome. Support folks from HP tell me that the repair (for what is really a very small component) will probably cost more than a new printer. I'd like another pigment printer, and I'm down to 3 or 4 alternatives:

Buy another b9180. It's discontinued by HP but still available from a number of sources. It's also the only alternative that offers a network interface, which I use today. However, based on what I've read I think I was lucky with my current b9180. Lots of folks seem to have lots of problems with this unit, and I probably will not be able to get an extended HP warranty.

Option 2 - but the b9180 replacement, the b8850. No network interface and I can use the remaining ink cartridges I have on hand. It appears that the print engine and quality should be about the same as the b9180. But I feel like I'm stepping down a notch from my current printer and I'm concerned that many of the b9180 problems I've read about will be there in the b8850 as well.

Option 3 - jump ship to Epson. I like what I've read about the r2880 and it's on sale right now - just a touch more than a b9180. However, I'll have a whole new printing approach to learn, I don't care for the small ink cartridges, and I don't think this printer has the special media tray that HP uses.

Option 3.5 - try to repair my b9180. How hard can it be to replace a paper sensor? But where can you find the part?

If it matters, I'm running OS X Snow Leopard and most of my printing is via Lightroom. I print for personal use and for friends and family. I maintain a small photo gallery in my living room that I change 2-3 times a year. Most prints are 13x19 or 11x17.

So what do you think? Any other options to consider?

Thanks in advance...

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