The D700 travels through Estados Unidos Mexicanos

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Re: The D700 travels through Estados Unidos Mexicanos

Curiously enough the second shot has only had sharpening and levels done on it, nothing else. The D700 is just a beastly camera, and can get a lot out of a picture. The Corona shot was taken in this great bar with beautiful saturated colors, but I'll admit that I did invidually boost the yellow a bit. It was already getting dark by the time I got the two posing for me, so it's under artificial lighting.

For general work on all the shots, I adjust levels, add some sharpening with Lightroom, then sharpen for web when exporting.

Thanks for the comments!

achilles0901 wrote:

Love all your pics!

Just got my D700 and hope I can get the shot like yours!

May I know do you process these photo, like 2nd pic and the man and woman with Corona beer(love the colors!)?

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