7D vs. 550D vs. 500D

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7D vs. 550D vs. 500D


I'm currently using a Canon 500D and considering getting a new camera. I've been very happy with the 500D but there's a of couple features I would like in the 550D (ISO max level, easier movie AF, higher ISO). Most of this is also done by the 7D, so that's why this is the calculation as well :-).

The question is though, will I benefit from the 7D or is lost on an amateur as myself!?

The things I'm contemplating:

1. Everytime I shoot something with my 500D, the pictures get sort of a "milky-white" layer on top that I have to remove in Photoshop or the likes. I know this is not unique to my camera, but I'm more a "camera to print" kind of guy and don't neccesarily like all the PS tweaking others do. Will this be better with the 7D?
2. Is the picture quality noticably better on the 7D than the 500D/550D?
3. Is the 7D more difficult to use than the 500D?
4. Now you know a little about me, do you think I'll benefit from the 7D?

I'm eagerly awaiting your help :-).



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